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When I flew home in the later summer, I decided to make a pit stop in Paris to see my lovely friend Flora. Unsurprisingly, there were lots of beautiful designs to photograph – even without entering a single museum!

Starting off our tour is signage on windows, showcasing lettering, illustrations and logos. I particularly loved the branding of this store front ‘Au’, which references the element of gold. Clean and simple branding, with a subtle and clever hint of sophistication.

paris_pictures2paris_pictures 2015-08-15 11.34.02

Speaking of signage, the wide variety of store and restaurant fronts you’ll see around the city is amazing! They range from old fashioned, to actually old, to clean and modern, to highly sophisticated, to all-around playful.

2015-08-15 18.26.19 2015-08-15 15.57.03

I’d never seen such a creative, illustrative and down right fun store front before! What an amazing way to stand out in such a well-designed city:

2015-08-15 14.47.29paris_pictures__

So we’ve seen the outside of stores. But the inside can be just as intricately and carefully designed. We fell in love with this particular store, Comtesse du Barry, and spent a good 15 minutes snapping pictures, admiring the packaging, and dreaming about buying everything in it.

paris_pictures32015-08-15 13.53.262015-08-15 13.55.32 2015-08-15 13.56.21 2015-08-15 13.56.44 2015-08-15 13.58.00 2015-08-15 14.02.56 2015-08-15 14.02.17 paris_pictures4

Other stores didn’t fall short of innovative decorations and designs either. You know a city is serious about art, aesthetics and design when it even gets around to decorating its watermelons:


Simple and seemingly cheap to produce packaging for cookies:2015-08-15 16.05.23paris_pictures5

I also really loved the retro feel of this neon sign in a restaurant:

2015-08-15 13.06.33

Next on our tour, we’ve got intricate designs found in architecture itself. These brain-like patterns are everywhere around Paris – that’s why walking past the Belvedere building in Baltimore, which also uses these patterns, always makes me think of Paris!

2015-08-15 16.03.32paris_pictures10

This metro stop was particuarly mesmerizing: The entire stop is covered in/made of typographic tiles that spell out a text on human rights. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of that text, or what it was about specifically. What i do remember is that it was a disappointingly ironic to have hostile benches (i.e. benches built in a way so that homeless people can’t sleep on them) present in a metro stop that supposedly advocates for human rights. A good example of the wide gap between good intentions and good actions.

paris_pictures6 paris_pictures7

Moving onto something a little less dark are these bright posters. I was really drawn to the way the first one uses typography to convey three-dimensional space. And felt inspired by the way the second mixed flat designs with photography in a unique and dynamic way.


And finally, this wayfinding poster, whose eye icon I just love! Stripes galore!

2015-08-15 15.22.20

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