The Baltimore Design School is a highly recognized magnet school which focuses on art and design. While interning at Ashton Design, I had the privilege to design its recognition wall, in which the school’s awards are displayed, alongside the many articles that have been written about its accomplishments.

The main objective of this project was to create as flexible an exhibition as possible, so as to easily accomodate new awards and articles as they come in.

I proposed three directions: The first consisted of illustrated vinyl frames mounted on the wall, from which enlarged print-outs of articles and awards could be displayed and swapped around. The playful nature of the illustrations spoke to the young, uninhibited, creative energy of the school and its students.


In the second proposed direction, the entire wall was to be covered in a vinyl ‘screenshot’ of an adobe illustrator page. The various articles would then be projected onto the Illustrator ‘page’. This approach not only speaks to the visual language the students are becoming familiar with; it also provides a flexible, cost-efficient system in which articles need not even be printed to be displayed.


In the third and chosen direction, the wall is adorned with clipboards and an artboard arranged in a grid, from which various copies of the articles and awards are displayed. This allows the wall to be interactive and ever-changing, as the school can mount new articles as they come out, and viewers are free to take copies down and keep them for themselves.

The clipboards act as a direct reference to the students, to the tools they use in the midst of their learning and creativity, so as to recognize not only the school, but its students as well.


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