Manhole covers are fascinating architectural features that are abundant in all corners of the world and yet often go unnoticed. They come in all sizes, shapes and forms, and are simultaneously unique and universal: While each country, city, town, village and even company puts their own touch on the design, certain features can still be found on manholes across the world. Furthermore, their simple and pragmatic designs, which contain information about their location and/or purpose, act as stand-alone logos for, well, themselves. In the spirit of visualizing this observation, this ongoing series recreates manhole covers into simplified, digitized logos.


manhole_covers_instagram12 manhole_covers_instagram1 manhole_covers_instagram9 manhole_covers_instagram7 manhole_covers_instagram11 manhole_covers_instagram3A manhole_covers_instagram4 manhole_covers_instagram13 manhole_covers_instagram6 manhole_covers_instagram10 manhole_covers_instagram8 manhole_covers_instagram2