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In December 2015, my good friend and I spent two weeks travelling around Eastern Cuba. In so many ways Cuba is a country unlike any other, which meant so much of what it had to offer felt surprising and new, and every intricate and unique detail became a source of inspiration. There were so many things to capture that I couldn’t possibly fit them into one blog post, so for the first of a series, let me continue on the theme of doors (and while we’re at it, windows, entrances and archways too).

We started off in Havana – by far our favorite location, and one we re-visited several times throughout our trip. This building, ornately decorated with intricate patterns was right near the house we stayed at. The combination of the patterns, the bright colors, and the building’s historic state made for a look that seems to be emblematic of Cuba (or at least foreigner’s vision of Cuba).


Another aspect that seems typical (at least in the regions I frequented as a tourist – which has its limitations), is the abundant use of color. The colors are bright, bold, and not a single color is unrepresented. Look at how bright that teal is! And how refreshing that yellow is, paired with those white accentuated details!


Of course, as an enthusiast of black and white combinations, I also admired these black and white buildings, with their start contrast popping-out just as much, albeit entirely differently, from their surrounding colorful neighbors.

2015-12-30 12.27.53cuba_doors4

Windows and window frames were also often accentuated with bold colors, patterns, and ornamental metal work.

cuba_doors5 cuba_doors3cuba_doors7cuba_doors6

I loved the way in which this store’s metallic grilles resembled a fish scale pattern, thereby beautifully accentuating the fish in their store’s logo.


Speaking of metal, there were a wide array of doors using metallic components that created a variety of styles: heavy fortress doors, futuristic 60s doors,  ornamental doors etc.



Nearing the end of our trip, we spent a few days in the beautiful, delightfully colorful town of Trinidad. A UNESCO world heritage site, many of the buildings have been preserved over the years in ways in which other towns were not. This made way for rows and rows of small, historic, detailed and colorful homes, whose streets you could roam around in endlessly for hours on end.

cuba_doors11 cuba_doors12 cuba_doors13 cuba_doors142015-12-27 12.40.332015-12-27 13.22.57

And striking color combinations didn’t only come in the form of coats of paint: Some older doors and rusting metal made for quite the color palettes, and in some cases felt reminiscent of Rothko canvases.

2015-12-27 12.38.162015-12-27 12.38.00

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