doors of dubrovnik


Dubrovnik’s old town holds many treasures, one of which is its beautiful collection of doors, which all seem to boast unique designs and decorative details. They range from old and rustic, to textured and colorful, to metallic and modern.


One theme I noticed was that a lot of doors embraced a turquoise/blue/green color which had often been weathered over time to create a beautiful texture.


doors_of_dubrovnik3 doors_of_dubrovnik6doors_of_dubrovnik7doors_of_dubrovnik8 doors_of_dubrovnik5doors_of_dubrovnik4doors_of_dubrovnik9 doors_of_dubrovnik10 doors_of_dubrovnik11

There were also an abundance of ornamental metal gates:

doors_of_dubrovnik12 doors_of_dubrovnik13 doors_of_dubrovnik14 doors_of_dubrovnik15

And while these are not technically all doors, many entrances and windows were pretty eye-catching too:

doors_of_dubrovnik17 doors_of_dubrovnik16doors_of_dubrovnik18

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