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During our trip to Croatia this September, we went to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina on a whim  (thanks to my brother’s initiative, and his never-ending repertoire of historical knowledge and curiosity). The trip there took longer than anticipated, so we spent just a few hours strolling through the city, admiring the sunset, and eating a delicious platter of food, before hitting the road back to Croatia.

Since I know very little about the country, city, its history, and its population’s perspective, I won’t go into details, so as to avoid painting a misguided or naive picture of this city’s complex and important history. What I will say is that as a half-day tourist, I really enjoyed soaking in the beautiful spots in the center of the (touristy) old town, all the while being humbled by physical remnants of the war in 1993.

The streets were rich in murals, and had I spent more time there I’m sure I could have found a much more extensive collection of murals, graffiti and other forms of street art to share. What struck me about the fraction of pieces I did see is that a lot of them were extremely colourful and bright, and a significant number of them were politically inclined.

2015-09-06 18.36.15

2015-09-06 18.41.052015-09-06 19.26.07

What particularly stuck to me about Mostar was the abundance of mosques and churches alike, a mix and co-existance of religions that is rarely seen in such proximity. It’s also interesting to see the intersection of design and religion, and how it differs from one religion to the next, such as these two Islamic structures (seen in a mosque and in a cemetery, respectively). 


The city’s mix of cultures was also reflected quite beautifully in the crafts and artworks found in the (touristy) stores around town. These hand-carved copper pieces were incredibly intricate and captivating:


And in continuation of the theme of doors (see the upcoming blog post ‘doors of dubrovnik‘), I couldn’t resist but pick out a few doors that stood out to me in Mostar.

2015-09-06 19.15.402015-09-06 19.39.20mostar3

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